martes, 9 de agosto de 2016

Study on Foreign Language Proficiency and Employability

La Dirección General de Empleo de la Comisión Europea ha publicado este año el informe Study on Foreign Language Proficiency and Employability, en el que se analiza el valor añadido que puede suponer el dominio de un lengua extranjera al buscar empleo en los diversos países de la Unión Europea. 


Resumen (extraído de la primera página del informe)

This study provides an overview of the state of play of labour market demand for foreign language proficiency in all EU-28 Member States. It examines how this demand varies across countries, economic sectors and job roles; shows how employers express their foreign language needs in online vacancy notices; and analyses to what extent foreign language skills present a distinct competitive advantage for both companies and job seekers. Between June and October 2015, 845 interviews with employers and employer organisations were conducted, 3632 online vacancy notices were reviewed, and 522 employers were surveyed. Based on the analysis of this comprehensive data collection this study formulates recommendations on how to improve the match between the supply and demand of foreign language skills in the labour market.

Imagen extraída de la página 39 del informe 

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